Sunday, February 29, 2004


My parents rock! They got me this digital camera!!! They are wonderful! and can be quiet sneaky! They handed me my present and opened it up and there was the box for the camera, opened it though and they had put in an old dispoxable camera, two old batteries, a light bulb, and a tube of toothpaste! I just looked at them, and said, where's the real gift. They let me go on thinking that was all I was getting for like 5 min. or so, and then they handed me the right box. And it was my camera!!! How awesome!

Meliss gave me a gorgeous print from Finding Nemo, that was when I can add fish to my tank they won't feel too lonely. She said that I had way too many pictures of cats and my own two cats that would make the fish nervous. My aunt got me a book all on cats. And did I mention that my boss got me a Carebears lunchbox? AND! a Strawberry Shortcake sweatshirt?!?! She also got me some small stuff with Finding Nemo on it. I know so many people that rock!!!

Tank Progress...
The ammonia levels have dropped signaficantly- they are just above 0.
The nitrite levels peaked and have dropped to 0.
The nitrate levels peaked at 80 and are currently at 10 ppm.
pH, salinity, and temperature are all steady
meaning???? I still have to wait longer!!! I need to have it at a week with the ammonia, nitrite and nitrates levels around 0. AND THEN! I can go out and get live rock! YAY! Something to look at in the tank! Then some more waiting before I can add starter fish... then MORE waiting and then I can get my clownfish. What to name him???? (him, because all clownfish start off as little boys, and then switch to female as they get older... kinda freaky)