Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Cornwell Rocks!

I think I may have found a new favorite author! I just got done reading Patricia Cornwell's Point of Origin, it was so good. I still can't get over her descriptions and attention to detail. Loved that she described them using a SEM scope- I've used one of those before!!!

There are 17 days until my birthday and then I get the price break on insurance. How sad is that?!

I checked out this fish store over the weekend that everyone was raving about. They had a great collection of supplies for aquariums, but their fish made me sad. They were swimming on a slant, some were being eaten, the fins were raggeded, and I saw one that was covered in fuzzy white clumps! YUCK! I never really noticed how much I really seem to feel empathy for fish. Fish that are dead- or out of water, freak me out more than anything! There are some fish stores (think the fish department at Petsmart or Walmart) that I'm afraid to walk by the tanks for fear that I'll step on a dead fish. I've seen them before, and its... YUCK! *shivers up and down my spine* I'm so excited about getting a clown fish. I just hope that everything goes okay with him/her. In my research I found out that all clown fish are born males, and as they mature they turn into females when the occasion arrives! How cool is that. Hopefully next week Chris will help me get my tank set up! Then comes the fun waiting game. I'm going to try and be very patient and allow the water to stabilize just right.... The key word in that statement is I'm going to try!