Monday, February 23, 2004

Patience is a virtue????

I'm really trying to be patient. I'm in the process of starting a saltwater aquarium- mainly so I can have a clownfish of my very own! But the waiting is sooooo... long!!! I was told that I need to wait for an algal bloom before I can get live rock, and then I have to wait for the conditions to settle before I can get fish... so much waiting!!! But with the price of the fish, its worth waiting! I just hope my patience lasts!!! I have a picture of a clownfish taped to the front of the tank so that maybe I can trick myself into believing that there's really a fish in there. I really did luck out that I got so much equipment and stuff from Kevin at work. That helped to save quite a bit of money- and the stuff he gave me is QUALITY! =)

I'm slowly approaching the 25 year mark. Then I'll be a quarter of a century old! CAR INSURANCE PRICE BREAK!!! YAY! Only good thing about it. Well, that and my coworkers are taking me to PF Changs !!!! I'm totally in love with their Budda's Feast and their banana spring rolls!! HEAVEN!