Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Please let this be true!!!

That bare belly is no longer hip

The belly and g-string baring combination of hipster jeans and cut-off top has had its day. This winter those in the fashion know are covering up.

"We are moving away from ultra pelvis bone-exposing garments," said designer Alex Zabotto-Bentley, of jeans label Fashion Assassin.

"When it first became popular four or five years ago, everything was a bit looser. But then it has all become cropped and tighter and it's gone from being cool to overtly sexy and a turn-off," he said.

The look turned a bad corner when it was worn by the likes of pop star Christina Aguilera, often at the top of the worst-dressed lists, he said.

"Last summer we reached saturation point when you would walk into various stores and there would be 12-year-olds with their mothers buying the look, along with their mothers.

"It is now dead and buried."

Sportsgirl's Prue Murphy said while women aged 18 to 25 had abandoned the look, it was still popular with the tweens.

"Now it's all about soft-flowing materials in longer tops with jeans," she said.

For those who want to show a little more, all attention is set to turn to the legs this summer, with tiny shorts.

"The ankle up to the thigh is going to be the next big thing," says Mr Zabotto-Bentley.

*happy dance* Can't wait to see ultra low jeans leaving the shelf!!!! *happy dance* I mean, I like the lower rise jeans but I so shouldn't have to have a bikini wax to be able to wear my jeans!!!  And I'm sorry, if they are too low then I end up with a yucky front on shape.  There are some others that wear them and its just like, dude!  don't you have a mirror?? 
And seriously, I really don't need to see your thong!  Especially if you are all of 12!!!  I barely knew what a thong was at 12, let alone think about wearing one!  Took me awhile to wear one when I was in college!!!!  My how things have changed....

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