Wednesday, January 5, 2005

The Photograph

The Photograph by Penelope Lively is the first book that I'm reading with the two online book clubs that I joined Englishrse's Reading Room and Roundtable Concessional. To be perfectly honest, I'm having the hardest time getting into this book! I started it Monday night, was even home sick on Tuesday, and am still barely halfway finished! Its only about a 200 page book too! The writing style it getting to me. Lively has many passages where it seems like she's going to throw in as many big words at one time and hope for the best. There are other passages where its more of a smile and nod kind of passage... You know, when you are talking with someone and they just seem to go on and on and on and you try your very best to follow exactly what they are saying so you just smile and nod and hope that they come to their point really really soon. That's what this book is making me feel!!!! I just want to find out what the point of the book is! It's only because I have joined the two book clubs that I'm even bothering to finish it. There are too many other books in my library bag that are screaming out to be read!

Edit: Just finished The Photograph. Still not impressed with this book, the only part that seemed to bring me in was the last 15 pages or so. Yes, it has a haunting ending, but I'm still not impressed. Off to read another book from my stash!

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