Thursday, April 28, 2005

Spring is here!!!

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Spring is by far my favorite season. I enjoy the brisk chill in the air and the vibrant colors that are popping up. It's been here for awhile, but I was visiting my parents yesterday and felt the need to snag a few of my mom's tulips. I love the yellow and orange one. Can't help but think that it would make a gorgeous painting/drawing/pastel- esp if done very Georgia O'Keefe like.

Had a lovely exerpience on my way home for work. I really wished that I had had my camera with me to capture the moment fully. I was in stop and go traffic when I was cut off by a Honda Odyessey. I slammed on the horn to vent my frustration with them cuttin gme off. The girls in the back then thought it would be a GREAT idea to start taking pictures of me. So of course, I had to get them a good photo and gave them a lovely one finger salute. The continued taking photos and laughing and waving at me. They made it quite clear that they were teenagers. I finally had enough of them and passed them. As I drove by, the mom was calmly driving along- totally oblivious to the ongoings in her backseat. Aren't people just wonderful....

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