Thursday, June 16, 2005

Hiking and Gilatis! and Mosquitoes




My friend Mike gave me call and dragged my ass out to Gun Powder State park for a hike. The weather has been absolutly GORGEOUS the past few days. I have come to realize that I don't like HOT. Monday and Tuesday were a great reminder of this. I love the weather (ie. 60's through low 80's with NO humidity) where you can choose fo wear shorts or pants and you don't have to wear them out of default. okay... enough boring weather talk, although I am fasinated by those who prefer to be in HOT HOT humid weather (I think they have a few screws loose or somethin').

After the hike we went to Rita's to enjoy some lovely gilatis. I don't know which one was better. Was definatly a good time.

Oh and as evidence that summer is here, I got my first round of bug bites yesterday. Not quite sure why the mosquitoes love me so. And why do they feel the need to get me between my knuckles and on the back of my neck????

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