Thursday, August 4, 2005


Went out to water my plants on the balcony, and left the screen door open as I walked back and forth to get water. Fairly normal behavoir, I keep some pet grass out there for the cats and they usually venture out to sniff the night air and to graze on the grass. Was in the middle of pouring out some water when I heard some scuffling and saw Darwin dart into the living room. Thinking that she had caught herself a moth or some other type bug, I was okay with this- that is until I saw the feathered wings and the bird's neck in her mouth!!!!! I totally froze up while standing there with the water can in my hand. Darwin is amused and looking at the poor bird- who at this point IS NOT MOVING! I start freaking out even more, wondering if its alive of dead, then I see the tail feathers, or maybe the wing twitch and I freak out even more!!! I tried chasing Darwin away- while cemented to the balcony, but Darwin seemed a little confused , like she was waiting for instructions on what to do next. The bird then up and flew into the bathroom. I chased Mendel back into the apartment (okay, so I poured water on his head) and of course, he went straight for the bathroom where Darwin had the poor bird cornered. At some point I manage to scare Mendel into the bedroom, and still not sure how, but was able to get Darwin in the bedroom too- I think the bird tried flying again and I had no idea where it went! I immediately shut the bedroom door and began my frantic phone calls to my boyfriend who was at work. I tried calling him for 45 min straight with no answer! I tried calling my parents and freak out on them some more, tried Chris again, no answer, tried my sister, no answer, try my parents again, now no answer there, try calling Mike, he tries to talk me into a search and rescue manuver that would require me to LEAVE the bedroom- and that WAS NOT happening! Got back on the phone and tried calling chris a few more times- STILL NO ANSWER!!!! I worked up some more courage and ran to my bills folder and got the old cell phone bill and searched for the numbers for the guys that Chris works with (quite easy- the ones that he texts all the time!) and was FINALLY able to get ahold of Chris. I freaked out some more on the phone and he said that he'd get the manager to let him out so that he could take care of his "domestic situation." He came home and searched the apartment for the bird. He saw some feathers sticking out of the linen closet and started talking all cute to the bird, letting the bird know that it was okay to come out. He finally caught the little bugger and took the bird outside and let it go. Chris said that the poor thing only had 2 tailfeathers and flew away at an odd angle... I did brave it outside of the bedroom once I knew that Chris had the bird in his hands and did see the bird fly away. I then got a big hug from my big strong man who rushed home to take care of the little itty bitty bird. I love the guy! Who else would put up with my hysterics beause there WAS AN F'IN BIRD IN MY APARTMENT!!!!

I can't beleive that she caught a bird!!! What the hell! She gets canned food every morning, I share raw chicken with her when I'm cooking, she has no need to go after poor defenseless little birds and scare her mommy to pieces!!!! ACK!

And again, I say.....WAS AN F'IN BIRD IN MY APARTMENT!!!!

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