Saturday, December 17, 2005

Silent Auction Update

So the results from the Silent Auction at work are in. The director of my department bought the banana pastel for $35! There was a huge bidding war over this piece. It was so funny to see the two of them go back and forth over it.

The other picture of a hand holding a pencil, didn't do as well. It sold for $10 with no bidding war. But the woman who ended up getting it fully appreciates artwork. I know that its going to a good home.

That just blows my mind that someone paid $35 for my artwork! It also inspired 3 different conversations about me doing murals for my co-workers. Thats such a HUGE undertaking, I'm not sure that its something I would want to commit myself to.

I'm going back to cleaning... we're having a Christmas Party for Chris' coworkers tomorrow. Should be a fun time!

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