Monday, January 7, 2008

2007: year in review

Inspired by Aurora's post, I decided to do the same....

Jan 2007

I dealt with one very sick kitty with a UTI and came to realize how much I love my little brat.
I get a gov't credit card... ooooo
GW LAN party- complete with sugar cookie characters....
Take possession of the quilt promised to me by my great aunt

Feb 2007
Celebrate Jade's 30th Birthday
My Grandfather passes away- mom almost scares the shit out of by starting off the phone call with "dad just died"
Turn 28, have a lovely birthday dinner with Chris, my parents and my great aunt Ruthie at this lovely seafood restaurant

March 2007
Celebrate my father's birthday
Meet up for happy hour with some old co-workers from Cognate
and yay me- 2 root canals, first step in getting my teeth back in order!

April 2007

Jamie and Pie get married- awesome location, beautiful non-traditional wedding, coolest spot for an outdoor wedding!
Luck out and find a wii... debate for almost 30 min and pick it up!

May 2007

Mother/Daughter Banquet
Mother's Day Shopping and Dinner date with me, mom, mike and his mom (dinner at Carrabbas)
Begin Serum Screen at work (yuck!)

June 2007

My cousin Ryan and Carrie finally tie the knot!
Chris' birthday
Enjoy some lovely book by the pool time
Dealing with my sister *sigh*
Get my balcony garden together

July 2007

Took my dad to see the latest Harry Potter Movie: Order of the Phoenix
Spent a lovely weekend with my parents complete with outside yoga, walk with Isabelle and berry picking- oh and lets not forget coconut cream pie!
Last HP book! (got it at 12AM Saturday- finished by Sunday! almost bit off Chris' hand when he tried to take the book away from me)
Vacation in Rehoboth- lots of doing nothing, rediscovered SimCity, spent some time on the boat, did some crabbing and seining, introduce Chris' mom and my parents to the wii

August 2007

GW LAN Party at Jamie and Pie's
Prep Chris for interview at Under Armour!
Chris cuts his goat-t

September 2007

Labor Day Party at Kevin's (love his backyard garden!)
Rally Day facepainting at Zion
Pick up newest addition to the family- ferret named Curie
Chris starts new job at Under Armour

October 2007

Chris and I move to new apartment (bye bye pool and gym, hello cheaper rent, more space and gorgeous oak tree in the back)
Dinner at the UN Part 2: Li's farewell dinner with current co-workers, enjoy some wonderful homemade sushi
Do some training at work with a delightful woman from U of Penn

November 2007

Discover that Uncle Johnny's cancer is back and this time in the brain. He's told that he could die in hours, days or could last months. Rush to see him and he promises to see me at Thanksgiving
Have a deep and profound meditation during yoga where I come to realize that there is no getting better for my uncle.
Thanksgiving dinner with TONS of people, great meal esp with my Uncle still around
Make pumpkin rolls with my mom- quickly becoming a yearly tradition

December 2007

Learn of CompUSAs closing and thankful that Chris got out of there when he did.
Decorated Christmas cookies with Mikey and his mom
Christmas is spent with my Uncle Johnny, his wife, his son and his girlfriend and her son, and my two great aunts. Can see how weak my uncle is, but glad to see him there enjoying an untraditional meal of lasagna. Entertaining to watch many generations playing on the wii (and wouldn't you know it, my 80+ great aunt kicked our butts at bowling! I don't know if I believe her claim that she's never gone bowling before!)
Disappointed by my sister's appearance at Christmas (does it count if she's there physically but not emotionally?)
Begin testing new building at work (more yuckies!)
New years spent at Jamie and Cheryl's with the wii.

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Fenix said...

Well, it seems that your year has been quite crazy too. its weird thinking that over a year has passed since we shared an office, time flies though it certainly doesn't feel that way.

i'm glad you chose not to show any pics of the get-together at Max's (i had some pics but they were all REAL unflattering of me).

I'm so glad Chris got out of UnderArmour before everything folded. Such a blessing, and it must be nice have a tree at the new place. i maybe be forced out of the city by high prices, so who knows, i might end up back in white marsh and have a tree of my own, lol.

i wish a very spirited amazing lucrative new year w/ very few serum screens!