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2009: Year in Review

2009 was a year of big changes for me... many changes...

Jan 2009
Beginning the year off right with Meliss's Crappy Gift Exchange
From One Tiny Grain of Sand

From One Tiny Grain of Sand

Running: 29 miles, avg pace 13:12

Feb 2009
Meeting up with the crew from CompUSA
From One Tiny Grain of Sand

Some V'day love, at home with the Changs
From One Tiny Grain of Sand

Turn 30!!!
From One Tiny Grain of Sand

Running: 37 miles, avg pace 14:21

Mar 2009
Run the with Aurora in the Kelly St. Patrick's Day 5k. It was her first race and my second... still doesn't mean it was okay for her to beat me ;)

Running: 43 miles, avg pace 14:33

April 2009
SUPRRISE! John graduates!
From John's Surprise Graduation Party

I got a new camera with all sorts of fun features!
From Macro
From Macro

Running: 30 miles, avg pace 15:06

May 2009
I ran the Twilight 5k as part of the Frederick Running Festival with Jilly and Stephanie. It was the first time that both of my parents got to see me race.

Found some 4 leaf clovers on my way to the gym...

I also managed to find some time to spend with my favorite boys at Cunningham State Park

And nothing beats spending a lovely spring day on the hammock with a book :)
From Drop Box

The rest of May wasn't the best month for me; Chris and I ended our romantic relationship and became roommates.
Running: 39 miles, avg pace 15:41

June 2009
My niece turns 1!

Aurora and I run the Baltimore Women's Classic 5K

I headed out to watch Mikey test for his next karate belt

Running: 44 miles, avg pace 13:54

July 2009
Happy 4th of July!

I begin the crazy notion that I can run a half marathon in the fall and join a running group. I say good-bye to sleeping in on Saturday mornings. I also make some time to try my hand at this whole dating thing.

I ventured downtown to check out Artscape and to see Cake.
From Artscape 2009

Running: 56 miles, avg pace 13:34

August 2009
I finally got serious about the whole "buying a house" plan that has been rattling around in my brain... also continue to enjoy the single life
From One Tiny Grain of Sand

Lunch for my 86 year old Aunt, I can only hope to do as well as her at her when (and if) I'm that old!

Enjoying another summer favorite.... garden fresh BLT :) YUM!

Running: 77 miles, avg pace 13:20

September 2009
Valerie and I take Zianne to the zoo for the day.

Zianne also gets her first taste of real food :D

Celebrate Meliss' last day in her 20s at the Melting Pot...and of course with cupcakes!

I got to see my first NFL game with Tonya, the Ravens vs. the Browns
From Ravens vs. Browns Sept 2009

I also put in a contract for a house- for better or worse, I had the contract withdrawn by the home owner.
Running: 76 miles, avg pace 12:51

October 2009
After training for the last 3 months, the day of my half marathon arrives! I complete the race and happily collected my medal :D Bonus points for getting my cousin back into running!


After talking for weeks, Chris and I go out on our first date at DuClaw (different Chris!). Who knew that Harry Potter and a Star Fleet Science Officer would hit it off so well ;)
And a wonderful lunch with good friends at Paper Moon Cafe

From Smiles

or that Clark Kent would get in on the action as well???
From Smiles

Made some time for some Halloween Fun- carved some pumpkins with Aurora and Kurt

Running: 44 miles, avg pace 12:51

November 2009
Find my house and put my bid in; bid is accepted and begin the countdown until closing!

Chris and I head to the Baltimore Aquarium for a day of fun

We also make it into DC to play the Natural History Museum. It turned out to be a snowy slushy day. And lets not forget taking the time to enjoy a large Blue Moon
We also make some time for some runs around Loch Raven and Honeygo, in addition to some post-Thanksgiving shopping with my parents.
My mom and I also did our annual baking; Pumpkin Rolls!

Running: 40 miles, avg pace 13:59

December 2009
In between all the holiday craziness, I finally close on my house and my contractor begins work!
From My house!
From My house!

Celebrate Chris' birthday by making him a Dirt Cake. Chris and I head off to his company Christmas party and go to see the Tran-Siberian Orchestra play

I also decide to try my hand as a brunette

Christmas morning was spent with my parents, my sister and my niece.
From One Tiny Grain of Sand

And on the last day of the year, I finally get everything all packed up and moved out of the apartment to the house :) and am left utterly and completely exhausted and full of gratitude.
Running: 12 miles, avg pace 12:03
(I dealt with lots of obstacles with running in Dec, I hurt my back shoveling snow, we got a huge amount of snow one weekend and lets not forget the more important task of packing and moving!)

Running Summary: 2009 (2008)
Total Distance: 528 miles (305)
Avg pace 13:45 (16:20)

2009 Race Summary
(Jun 2008 Komen 5K, distance 3.1 miles, 41:24 (pace 13:06)
Mar 15, 2009 Kelly St. Patrick's Day 5K, distance 3.1 miles, 36:36 (pace 11:21)
May 2, 2009 Frederick Running Festival Twilight 5k, distance 3.1 miles, 36:43 (pace 11:41)
Jun 28, 2009 Baltimore Womens Classic, distance 3.1 miles, 33:56 (pace 10:57)
Oct. 10, 2009 Baltimore Half Marathon, distance 13.1 miles, 2:36:13 (pace 11:52)

Inches lost in the past year: 24.75 (~25 lbs)
Inches lost since Jan 06: 63.25 (~45 lbs)

Running goals... I'm planning on doing the Maryland Double this year: for me that would be running the Half Marathon in Frederick in May and then the Half in Baltimore in the fall. I want to run some other 5ks this year as well, with the hopes of breaking the 30 min mark!

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