Thursday, November 17, 2011

Be Thankful #17

During my conversation with my physical therapist yesterday, he mentioned something that makes so much sense with all the symptoms/issues that I've been having.  He told me that I was very hamstring dominant. I spent some time with the Googles and came across many convincing articles that helped make this click for me.  Most importantly, there was one image found on this page, that sealed it for me.  My PT had me lay down on my stomach and lift each leg.  I really have to work to get my glut to activate to do this simple lift.
I really am hoping that this is what has been causing me problems with my running for waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long!  I've been told everything from not enough flexibility in my hip flexors, to piriformis syndrome, to possibly a torn hip labrum, but hearing that it might just be a simple muscle imbalance- *sigh* With this knowledge, I hope to really get things back on track so I can run another half!  :D

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