Saturday, January 31, 2004

I feel GOOD!

I"m feeling great! I made it back to the gym this morning- I know on a Saturday morning! I talked with two ladies who were working out and just may have gotten back some of my motivation! That's what I'm hoping for anyways.

I can't believe I left the book I was reading at work! Luckily I still have quite a huge supply left thanks to Lora.

Not quite sure what's on the agenda for today. If I ever get a hold of my parents I might head up to Frederick for the day. If not, I might give Jade a call and hang out with her and her little cousins.

Mendel is quite a demanding little cat. He loves attention, and is currently trying to get me to give him some loving. I'm glad that he gets along so well with Darwin. I woke up this morning to find her grooming him, and he was just basking in the attention! Such a life!