Wednesday, March 31, 2004

too long!

It's been way to long since I've posted!!!!
Missed the trip to Detroit, fairly uneventful. Started planting an herb garden. Just waiting for it to get warm enough to leave it outside all the time!

Still no sign of my peppermint shrimp. But I did get some new shells for my hermit crabs. Very entertaining to watch them go from shell to shell. They use their little claws and legs to measure them over and over... and then they jump into the new shell, then back into their old shell, measure some more, jump in... walk around a bit, and if they really like the shell they'll keep it, if not, then its back to their original shell! One hermit yanked another out of her newly claimed shell and left her out in the cold! But I did noticed that I have at least 4 hermit crabs with eggs. That would be cool if I have little babies!

And then there is my dear sweet Mendel... I went to my parents' house Sunday night (had a funeral to attend- my great uncle Ed) and took both of my kitties with me. I was packing everything up Monday night to come back to my apartment and couldn't get Mendel! I tried everything I could think of, but he still ran and hid from me! :( After over an hour of frustration (and one kitty in the wall....), I took my parents up on the offer to let them watch him. I came back with just Darwin. Cried most of the ride home. I only had one of my babies with me. That night Darwin was all over me. She woke me up at 4 AM because she was purring and kneading my side. (how can you be mad at something so cute!) And then last night the same thing. She had to be near me everywhere I went. Is she lonely? Or is she loving having me to herself??? My parents did find Mendel- they heard him running around at 3 AM. Damn nocternal animals! Dad was able to pet him today and showed him where the food is. Hopefully they'll be able to bring him home tomorrow. Its strange to go back to only having one cat! A woman I work with told me that I've been "off" most of the week. Who knows what's causing my mood. Have been very blah lately.