Friday, November 12, 2004


The newest DVD comes out in 11 days!!! I can't wait!!!

I think that this is my favorite movie in the series. The director change brought on more of a rugged feeling to the movie. It was a little darker and the actors were really starting to grow more into their roles.

Now if only we could convince JK Rowling to finish the 6th book!!!


Juli said...

Found you through blog explosion. From one HP fan to another, I agree. This one was the best movie of the series. Only 11 more days until the DVD comes out!

Hope it's not too much longer for the sixth book either. 'Til then, there's always fan fic on sugarquill.


Anonymous said...

That movie is fantastic. I saw it on the planes to, from, and back to Dallas in the space of a week.

- Marie