Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Couldn't have said it better myself...

When a statement like this is said... you just have to listen. Esp. when its said about my beloved Russell Crowe! *swoon*

"If you can't get a star, wait. If you want Russell Crowe and all you can get is Colin Farrell, wait. It's not the same thing okay? Alexander's not GLADIATOR, okay? Ja Rule's not Tupac. You got that?

"I love Russell Crowe. Russell Crowe to me is one of the greatest actors in the world, okay? I think all period pieces should star Russell Crowe. Everything. If you're doing a movie about the past, you best to get Russell's ass. Okay? I don't care if you're making a movie about three weeks ago -- you need to get Russell Crowe. 'Cause Russell will do the research about three weeks ago. He'll cut his hair like three weeks ago. He will walk like three weeks ago. He will talk like three weeks ago. And you'll close your eyes and you'll listen and go, 'That sounds like three weeks ago!' If you can't get a star, wait."

-Chris Rock in his opening monologue as host of the Academy Awards

I just finished watching Master and Commander with Russell Crowe. Not the kind of movie I would normally go for... but... YUM! Russell is looking quite good with the long blonde hair (and I noramlly go for guys with dark hair, but its Russell Crowe! HELLO!!!!)

Now if I could only get him to loose Danielle Spencer and pick me instead....

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