Monday, March 14, 2005

Katamari = addicition

This game is CRAZY!!! You are the young Prince of Cosmos and need to cover up for dear old dad's accident where he knocked all of the stars out of the sky. You start out with this ball... the katamari and begin by rolling up everything smaller than your katamari until you reach great proportions to please your father who then turns your masterpiece into a star in the sky. It is truly like no game you have ever played before- or have even thought of playing! And will leave you wondering- just what were the desingers on when they created this!!!!

And have I mentioned that its totally addicting??? Its so easy to waste hours and hours in front of your PS2 while playing this game. It's also the winner of X-Play's 2004 Best Original Game Award and as stated by Adam Sessler, when the Japenese do weird they really commit to it! (or soemthing like that!)

And for those of you who need a little help... Here's the Urban Dictionary's> defination: Katamari
Giant rolling ever-expanding ball of crap that nobody ever notices, until it rolls them up. Has caused downfall of entire civilizations.

Comes from game Katamari Damacy, conceived by someone who was obviously taking many hallucinogenic substances. See also acid.

All in all its a great game purchase for the PS2 for only $20! Just try not to get too addicted to the lovely music- to import the CD into the US its over $30.

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