Thursday, July 14, 2005

Friday night's checklist

  • wand.... check (okay its plastic)
  • robes... check (umm... left over from graduation)
  • broomstick... check (again... plastic)
  • one owl... check (stuffed)
  • two cats... check (okay, those two are VERY real!)
  • Harry Potter books 1-5... check
  • Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince on pre-order... check!

  • And as of tomorrow night at I'll have the sixth book in my hands!!! YAYAYAYAY!!! I've already cleared up my schedule for this weekend so that I can read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince without interruption or spoilers. With the release of the last book there was *ahem* someone who flipped to the back of the book and just told me the first initial of the person that died. That someone has already been warned under penalty of death that they are NOT allowed to pick up the book and ruin the ending.

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