Sunday, July 24, 2005

A Great and Terrible Beauty and New Lingerie

A Great and Terrible Beauty

With Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince finished, what else was I supposed to do but find another book to read. I had seen my cousin with a copy of this book, and I have to say that the cover intrigued me. I didn't really get the name of the book or the author and have been on a search for it since. (Don't ask how hard it is to a visual search for a book while in the library....) Over the weekend, the lack of having a book to read hit me full force. Found it glaring at me from on the of the book ends at Barnes and Nobles and snatched A Great and Terribe Beauty up.

I'm glad to say that I wasn't disappointed by Bray's first novel. She sets the story at the end of the 19th Century. Gemma Doyle, the strong willed heroine of the book, starts out in Bombay, India where she witness a murder through a vision. Her family falls apart and she is sent to a "finishing school" in London. She struggles to find her place amongst the other girls and how to deal with these visions that she keeps seeing. The writing style is rich and eash to read. And there is something to be said for the immagery that is created when there is talk of corsets and such - *sigh* you've found me, the hopeless romantic (I pratically gushed all over myself when I saw Ever After with Drew Barrymore as she lived the life of the real Cinderella.

Empress's New Lingerie: Bedtime Stories for Grownups

Speaking of romantic fairy tales...
I also found this gem on the clearance rack at Barnes and Nobles . The Empress's New Lingerie: Bedtime Stories for Grownups. This book left me giggling like a young school girl as I read through the erotic fairy tales. And all for the low low bargin price of $1.97! It brings a tear to the eye, I tell ya. The descriptions are quite amusing and the the extent that things are drawn out to mimic the original fairy tale make it even more over the top! A nice little bedtime story for the one that you love, but please be reminded, that this is intended for a mature audience. What fun!

Stories included...

  • Red, who "was known as Little Riding Hood, But as she grew from a child into ripening womanhod, the heavy, shifting dunes of her breasts and the swell of her rounded hips belied the name 'Little'" has a run-in the with the big bad wolf and really finds out how long that tongue of his is!

  • Snow Wite and the Seven Dwarvs, where the magic mirror of the Evil Queen has more than a passive role, and Snow White learns that seven are better than one.

  • Jackie and the Beanstalk, yeah... I think the name says enough, I think that you can figure out where this one goes (and could easily do without the father watching)

  • Cinderella and her prince with the foot fetish (kinda explains why he goes after the girl with the crystal stilletos on)

  • Goldie and the Three Bare Bachelors, Goldie goes on a mission to find perfection in life, she tries out three jobs and three men before finding one that is just right.

  • Rapunzel, goes to the best stylist to get a haircut and learns that she was using her hair against men and learns to find beauty in being bare (and please look at the source... because it means more than the hair on her head!)

  • Beauty and the Beast, yeah, a crazy scene with a rose coming to life for the Beast to watch some girl on girl action

  • The Miller's Daughter (Rumpelstiltskin), a little bit of bondage and instead of saying the little man's name, the Miller's Daughter calls him "master" and get what she desires...

  • Sleeping Beauty, only its a different kind of prick that puts her into her slumber and another kind of kiss that awakens her

  • The Three Little Pigs. The Pigs are men with different forms of piggish behavior that are taught a lesson by Miss Canidae "Candy" Wolfe as she "huffs and puffs and blows 'em down"

  • Hansel and Gretel, what series of erotic stories is complete without a story about incest...

  • The Empress's New Lingerie, the Empress Victoria has her garments made of a cloth that only the pure and virtious can see and persuades the makes to make some modest foundation undergarments that she can wear with it- of course she ends up with a get-up that makes the whole town go weak in the knees!
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