Sunday, May 21, 2006

Meet Ralph (Junior)

My parents' have Ralph "Senior," he's a split leaf philodendron that is older than I am. I've never really found out why that plant got a name and the rest didn't. When I had my first apartment while in college I got a leaf from Ralph to make Ralph Junior. He lived in my bedroom so that he could get indirect sunlight but never really took off. Ralph has followed me around for the past few years. It wasn't until last year when I started another leaf off of Ralph Junior that I started to see some progress. I left him on my blacony all summer and he took off! The leaves were splitting (that shows a healthy plant in this case) and the vine was getting thick and strong. I was amazed to see how well Ralph did. We brought him in again during the winter and he's moved with us once again. I can see that his growth has slowed some, but I'm hoping that will change with the move to the balcony. The light isn't quite the same as the old apartment but I'm anxious to see him take off again.

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