Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Big F.A.T. Challenge

I'm getting healthy in the Big F.A.T. Challenge of '06

I've decided to join up with the F.A.T. Challenge. Head over to Fat Fighter Blog for more info. I'll be posting more often in trying to keep up wtih the goals that they have set. Here's a brief summary of the program...

First rule of F.A.T. Challenge, no talking about lbs lost during F.A.T. Challenge wink

The sole focus of this 8 week challenge is to get healthy. While losing weight has numerous health benefits, I think, as a society, we are too tied to the scale. Now it doesn't mean you toss it out, I'm still tracking my weight week to week, it just means during the challenge, please don't make "I want to lose xxlbs in 8 weeks" or whoop it up that you lost 4lbs last week and the following week bum out that you gained 5.

Second rule of F.A.T. Challenge, anyone can join!

The stats we track are health related. Anyone can join in. You don't have to be overweight to participate. If you weigh 50lbs less than me, but I can outlast you on the elliptical machine, you my friend are out of shape. Join Up!

If you are at a "healthy" weight, but skip breakfast, eat fast food for lunch and can inhale an entire bag of Doritos while watching TV and consider the pumping action your arm does to cram the chips in your mouth to be your daily workout, you my friend are not very healthy. Join Up!

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