Monday, November 13, 2006


I left work this afternoon, disappointed that it was very rainy and blah out. My first thought was how I'd love to go straight home and curl up with a book and one of the cats- but knew that wasn't going to happen tonight. Monday's are yoga night. There's something about rolling out the mat that just made me smile. I did some spinal rocking and my energy level went through the roof! I was on and ready to go. The practice went well. I managed to go deeper into Savasana than I normally do (and there were some crazy cartoon like images racing through my brain and yet I felt separate from it- I can't fully describe it but I did catch myself with the "oh wow" everything just cleared out of my mind.. and dammit, I'm thinking again! At the end, our yogini brought our awareness to Santosha, or contentment. Thinking back, that is one of the few things that I did take the time to appreciate during my unemployment. I took the time to enjoy a cup of hot tea on the balcony with the cats. I got to experience the warm sunshine on my back and the lovely chill in the air that comes with fall. A few weeks ago, there was a community yard sale. I woke up early, took a look at everything and grabbed a cup of hot coffee and just took everything in. It was one of the first days of "true fall like weather." I had on a sweatshirt, my hair was being blown around with the chilly air and I had this warm cup of coffee in my hands. One of my neighbor saw me and commented on how happy and content I looked. There is something about the cool air in the fall that makes me happy. But its not only the change in the temperature, the leaves changing color, the fresh apples (the golden delicious with the sugar spots and that are so crisp and juicy!), squash, pumpkins, sleeping with the window open and cuddled under the covers. I love it all (but don't ask me to pick between the spring and the fall, I'm not sure I cold choose just one).
So, there was no real point to this post, just an acknowledgment of santosha in my life.

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brad said...

Good post.

The mood of the day is a point too, isn't it?

Fall is the best :-)