Friday, November 10, 2006


I've technically finished week two at the new job. Today is Veteran's Day and I have the great joy of having paid federal holidays, one of the perks of federal employment. *grin*

Things have been slow, theres a lot to learn and not as much guidance as I have had in the past. That part is taking a while to get used to. Everyone has been very helpful but am realizing that if I want something done and I don't know how to do it, I have to ask. No sitting around passively waiting for it to happen. I have to take an active role, this is a little out of character for me and is forcing me to step out of my comfort zone. Not that its a bad thing, just different from what I'm used to.

My group is quite diverse. As in, I'm one of three Americans. The remaining people are from Italy, Russia, Ukraine, France, China, and Japan. This is another first for me. I'm amazed with these people. To pick up and move from their home to another country and learn that language... thats huge. I'm not quite sure I'd be able to speak their language as well as they speak English. Although I feel horrible after a training session where I couldn't understand what one of the guys was saying. The guy from Russia was able to translate for me and finally figured out that the word was irregular. I think he felt just as bad as I did but for different reasons. Both of us were trying so hard- I think we left it on a positive note. I let him know that I have a great amount of respect that he's able to speak English as well as he does, and that I don't think I'd be able to speak his language or any others as well, he smiled and told me he'd teach me Japanese ;)

There will be quite a bit of adjustments to make once I'm actually working in the lab full time. I think my boss is expecting to lean on me for supplying the others. He has high expectations and lets you know about them upfront. But he quick with praise and has a great sense of humor. I can easily keep up with his humor, but I don't think the rest of the group is as quick to follow.

So overall, the new job is good. Theres is A LOT to learn but I don't think its anything that I won't be able to handle. I'm just glad to be working again. And they've thrown in a complimentary fitness plan... its called you get to park a good 5 min hike away from the building, and I say hike because the building sits on a small hill and the parking lot is on another, and thats also not taking into account the 3 flights of stairs up to my office! I know, its good for me. I'm doing my best NOT to use the elevator. Its only 3 flights up. I've also been doing small sun salutations in the morning. I need to get myself more motivated in the evening to do one of Elsie's classes. I'm planning on changing that today. :) all is well

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