Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Fear of Elevators?

Last week my group went out to lunch to celebrate the New Year (I know, we were a little late, but lab schedules can be hard to work around). We were able to walk to a nearby restaurant and had a lovely time. (quite amusing to teach a Japanese man about Greek food) On our way back I got into a discussion with my boss about the new building that we are supposed moving into. There have been many issues surrounding its construction and even if it will be suitable to do labwork in (evidently the building vibrates- very bad for microscopes!). My boss continued with how horrible the elevators are and that they have no break. I answered with, "soooo... don't take the elevator, take the stairs in the new building." He went on to explain and I responded the same way with "so you're saying take the stairs." Somehow this turned into, oh look, you don't like elevators! This was compounded by the fact that we were approaching our building and ready to go up to our 3rd floor offices. I went for the stairs while everyone else made a bee line for the elevators. This just seemed to prove my dislike of elevators to my boss. *eye roll*

Truth: When I started my new job I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't take the shuttle (well, unless it was RIGHT there- no waiting for it, and seriously its only been RIGHT there twice in the three months that I've been working there!) and that I wouldn't take the elevator up to my 3rd floor office. That actually goes waaaaaaaaaay back to a rule that I set for myself while in college. If I had to go up more than 3 floors I could take the elevator, less than 3 and I took the stairs. There is a part of me that wants to take the time to explain it, but then the other half of me says, why bother. I know that I'm making better choices for myself.

Its still baffling at how trying to make a healthy lifestyle choice is looked at as a fear/dislike of a modern convenience. I get some strange looks when I tell people that I don't take the shuttle to walk the third of a mile to my building. Yes, its a pain in the ass but so is waiting in the cold for a bus to show up. Why not create some body heat and get moving!

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