Thursday, March 6, 2008

Turning the world upside down

Okay, so not really... but I am totally in love with headstand! About a month ago, Kandy encouraged us to give handstand a try... I've been hooked ever since. Theres a HUGE part of me that is so proud that I can actually do it. I had always been the un-adventurous type in regards to gymnastics. I use to freak out as my sister tried to do one handstand after another in the backyard. I was convinced that she would fall and break something.

It really is hard to describe the power and strength that one feels in headstand. I have progressed where I can pull my knees gracefully up so they sit over my hips and then overhead. I am able to hold myself for a few seconds without the support of the wall. I am still working on creating better balance and more strength. And I have become super curious about handstand now. I've made a few attempts to kick up at the wall- no success yet (that was even with Chris trying to hold my legs!) I'm not sure if my earlier fears are coming into play or if my upper body just isn't ready to support me yet. I was also able to "fly" in crow pose for a fraction of a second, so I hope its just the strength part that is holding me back. I need to do some more upper body strengthening- plow, down dog, more crow, dolphin dives...

It all comes down to this....

I LOVE HEADSTAND ... and can't wait to fully kick up into handstand to see if its just as amazing!

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