Monday, March 24, 2008

Couch to what?

I've decided to start a running program- wait did I just say that?! What am I thinking??!?! In all honesty, I really do want to get into running. I've always admired the people who could do long distance running. My dad said that he used to be a long distance runner, wonder how much of it was passed down in the genes? The longest I've ever run was probably close to a mile and a half and that was in high school (trying to ignore that that was over 10 years ago!).

I'm going to be following the Couch to 5K plan with the help of Robert Ullrey's Assisted Workout and Training Mixes for your iPod. I've looked at the program before but am super excited about having podcasts to listen to while running.

I'll be walking/jogging/running with my friend Mike- our first run is tomorrow. Crazily enough, I'm looking forward to it. I want to challenge myself to see if I can do it and want to have The Komen Race for the Cure as my goal. I can do this. (I hope) Even if I can't run, I KNOW that I can easily walk the race, but that doesn't help me with the running aspect.

Now, the true question- will I be able to resist buying things for this new hobby before I am officially on board? I have decent shoes, but they are more for walking... I'm going to wait a few weeks and see how the runs go. I'll use that as my guide for if I need other shoes. Second, I'd love to have some kind of heart rate monitor/pedometer thing-a-mob that collects data during these workouts and then puts them on my computer. This is something that I do NOT need, but kinda sorta want a lot.... but again, not cheap and I don't want to put the money out for something that will sit around. Trying so hard to be good.

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