Saturday, April 19, 2008

End of week 3?

Today is supposed to be the last scheduled run for Week 3, round two. I do have to say that the runs this week have been MUCH better than last weeks!!!! I finished the run on Thursday and almost had a "was that it?" feeling when the time was up. And that was running in almost 80 degree weather. It was so gorgeous out! And it looks like today will follow through with more of the same!

I've noticed more random muscles popping up through my shins. The knee hasn't been bothering me at all this week *quickly runs to find wood to knock on* I have noticed a little bit of tenderness in my ankle though. I'm observing it and trying not to aggravate it.

I'm definately proud that I've technically been doing this for 4 weeks and haven't missed a workout! I know that I haven't been covering the distances that the podcast and the training program would want me to, but I know that will come with time. I first want to get my body (okay, mind too) used to the idea of running for longer periods of time and then I can start working on distance and speed. :)

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