Thursday, April 3, 2008

C25K: Week 2, day 2

WOW! I'm am amazed at what a difference there was between today's run and Tuesday's run. I felt like I barely finished on Tuesday and felt horrible. Today, I got my "second wind" during the last running interval and just ran. I was almost tempted to keep going. Did I mention that I'm completely insane and that we went running in the rain- the cold cold rain. That we were the only ones out there running the loop and that when we headed back to the car that there was freezing rain? And that I felt so accomplished afterwards!

I had some small glimpses of, "wow, I can be a runner." I talked with my dad and he laughed at the walk/run program and said that he used to do 3 miles backwards. He's funny. I hope that my endurance improves to the point where I can say something like that so confidently.

As for the knee- I noticed some pain during the first running interval but then I stood up straighter and the pain seemed to lessen. It really didn't bother me too much today. I did ice it down when I got home and will rub in some icy/hot before bed.

One more thing to remember for upcoming runs: Take full advantage of the walking portions to fully recover your breath. I did some dirga breaths- yogic 3 part breath- (or tried to with a runny wet nose and many lung fulls of cold cold wet air) that seemed to help bunches with my recovery time.

I'm definately feeling accomplished and proud. :)

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