Tuesday, April 1, 2008

C25K: Week 2

Wow- that run kicked my butt! Who would have thought that 30 extra seconds would make such a difference!

The bad:

I especially liked the part where my lower legs forgot how to work and I almost tripped over my feet and almost went nose first into the path. That would have been lots of NOT fun!
Thinking I had had enough to drink today and then getting through the run all red faced and sweating and sooooo... thirsty!
Running in a long sleeve shirt. Thought that it would be cold and rainy this afternoon. silly weathermen!
Stopping a few seconds short of the 90 second running intervals.

The good:
My shins didn't hurt as much. Not sure if I can attribute that to yoga from yesterday or to more stretching before the run.
GORGEOUS weather: 74+, lots of sunshine, bright blue sky and big puffy white clouds.
The extra burst of energy that I got at the second to last interval that made me think that I can actually do this running stuff.
Two extra laps to fully cool down.
Lots of stretching before and after.
Not as much problems with my knee.

Lessons to remember....
WATER! WATER! WATER! I need to make sure that I get extra water on my running days, esp with warmer temps just around the corner.
Stretching = good
Bring more than just a long sleeve shirt and pants to run in.
oh, and icy-hot AFTER my muscles have cooled down, otherwise that shit BURNS!

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