Monday, August 10, 2009

I heart authors who blog!

So, way back in October of last year, when the Spore fever had hit me hard, I had read James Maxey's Dragon Age novels (well, the first 2) and got the idea that I should use Spore's Creature Creator to recreate the Dragons in Maxey's novel. (yes, I am that dork) After I had put all that work into it, I thought it only fair to contact Maxey and share them with him. To my delight, he posted the images to his blog.

So fast forward many months.... I picked up the last novel in the series over the weekend (after Mikey alerted me to the fact that it was out) and got around to starting it this afternoon. I flipped to the back and notice an acknowledgment section and... SURPRISE! I'm listed there for my contribution from way back when! See! PROOF! *happy dance*

So to sum up...I am well aware that this takes me to a whole other level of dorkiness...

1. for using a video game to recreate a character in a novel
2. for finding said author's blog and email and sending images to him
3. for finding aforementioned acknowledgment
4. for tweeting about it
5. for facebooking about it
6. for creating a full blog post about it to fill in all the other details...

;) yes, I know... DORK!

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