Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What a difference a year makes

This past weekend I went running at Loch Raven Reservoir, I enjoyed the weather, the run went well and overall it was just amazing! The weather lately has been spectacular! warm but not hot and a lovely cool breeze. I remember thinking as I ran up the hill, "hmmm... I remember this being harder."

After I got home I checked my stats and found out how much I have improved in the last year. The last time I ran at Loch Raven was in Aug 08 and I went 5.1 miles in an hour and half (1:32), which averages out to an 18 min/mile (my mile splits were 14:18, 14:05, 15:58, 18:25, 26:59). This year, I went 5 miles in about an hour and ten (1:09), which averaged out to a 13:45 min/mile! (and that includes basically walking for the last mile! My mile splits were 12:59, 12:24, 12:49, 12:17 and 18:02) That blows my mind just a bit!

I'm loving that I'm seeing improvements in my running times and I can feel that the effort required to run had decreased! The 5 that I did on Sunday was an enjoyable experience, and I'm sure that enjoyed the 5 I did last August, I don't know if I can say that I recovered as quickly as I did or enjoyed it as much. This is giving me further encouragement to keep on with training for the half marathon for this fall. If I did 5 miles just fine this weekend, and I'm barely a month into training, I should be able to finish that half! :D

oh, and ps. I heart my garmin!

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