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Year in Review: 2010

January started with me moving into my new house :D and I also dealt with some injuries related to shoveling some snow (while wearing boots with heels! what was I thinking!) and some soreness from packing and moving. I got all settled in and my workouts were hampered by the move. Also discovered that I am not responsible with whipped cream ;)
From My house!
Besides the move, I did enjoy some fun times with friends- Meliss' annual Crappiest Gift Exchange and a belated Cookie Day with Mikey and company.

Miles run: 22 (sigh, how sad!)

I celebrated my thirtymumlemumble birthday and Maryland got hit with TONS of snow!

Needless to say, many of my runs were cancelled... I got used to this view instead

And there was plenty of work being done to the inside of my house, trying my best to turn it into a home :)

Miles run: 22

I received my delightful dining room table and celebrated both the table and my dad's birthday by preparing a large feast for the family.
From My house!

I also finished up the majority of the decorating in the house

I also battled what the doctors' originally thought was appendicitis... luckily the CAT scan came back clear and no surgery was needed, just rest and lots of antibiotics. Needless to say, my runs took a hit :(

Miles run: 32

April started off wonderfully with my college roommate's wedding :) I had my first opportunity to play bridesmaid :)
From Melissa and Mike's Wedding: 2010 Apr

Chris and I also celebrated our 6 month anniversary with dinner in Annapolis. :) And there was spending time with my niece over Easter.

Miles run: 29

Chris and I ran the Frederick Running Festival Twilight 5K, the day was hot and humid and I completed with a time of 32:52.64, a 10:36 min/mile pace. I was pleased but felt that I could have paced myself better throughout the race.
Chris and I also went to Disney (first time for me, second time for him). There was a lot of this
and not enough of this

We both quickly realized that we had both outgrown Disney but managed to do our best with the time that we had there

Miles run: 8 (*double sigh* but to be fair, there was a whole week spent STANDING in lines to go EVERYWHERE in Disney)

June was a bit more quiet, I bought a patio table for the backyard and kept hoping for the heat to die away so that I could use it.
From My house!

Miles Run: 32

Enjoyed some fireworks back in my hometown and enjoyed a lovely cookout with the parents. Chris and I went to see Star Wars in concert. And I also stole my parent's hammock and put it to good use in my yard
From Drop Box

Miles Run: 16

Went sailing on the Woodwind to celebrate my Great Aunt's Birthday and ended up SOAKED! I also discovered that I had a gecko living by my front door

Spent some time at the bowling alley with my favorite bowler
From Drop Box

And celebrated my mom's last day of federal employment :D

Miles Run: 22

I watched as Mike tested for his black belt

Went to a Several Species concert with Chris and his parents

Got a new roommate who loves to snuggle with my kitties
From 2010 Sept

Miles Run: 25

Celebrated Chris and I's one year anniversary with some delicious steak :D
Had my first experience with trick-or-treaters

Joined a new gym and started noticing some weird unresolved issues with my right hip and decided to mix up the treadmill runs with some cross training on both the elliptical and the stationary bike. Started lifting weights again to try and make myself stronger, esp. since I wasn't running as much. Also a bit rejuvenated/inspired by the new gym and found working out on the treadmill a bit more fun when theres a large "cardio theater" to enjoy ;)

Miles Run/Biked: 47
Weight Training Sessions: 6

FIRST INSTALLMENT OF HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS! Went to the midnight showing and managed to stay awake and survived the following day at work ;)
Spent Thanksgiving with Chris and his family in New Jersey

Miles Run/Biked: 53
Weight Training Sessions: 9

Celebrated Chris' 25th birthday with some dirt cupcakes
From 2010 Dec
My niece had her trache removed and there was a whirlwind trip to Wisconsin for my Grandmother's funeral.

And of course, lots of Christmas Fun!

Miles Run/Biked: 53
Weight Training Sessions: 5

Running Summary
Miles Ran/biked for 2010: 360
(Miles ran in 2009: 528)
(Miles ran in 2008: 305)
Weight Training Sessions: 22

Overall, I wish I had been able to run more this year. I seem to have a list of excuses thats a mile long. I know that I have some lingering issues with my right hip that have made things more difficult. I really want to work through that and get back to running more. I am definitely more satisfied after a good run than riding the bike at the gym. I need to work on creating a better base and then building up from there, maybe another half is in my future? I want there to be another one, but I also don't want to do further damage to my body in the process. To work on making this goal more achievable, I'm also going to follow the New Rules of Lifting for Women, weight lifting plan. The workouts in the book will help me focus on overall strength and conditioning while also losing fat and inches. :D

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