Friday, March 28, 2008

C25K: Week 1, Day 2

I did my second run last night. There is still a little bit of a mental block with this whole "running venture." My brain is battling it out. One side says, who are you kidding? you aren't a runner or an athlete, what do you think you are doing? The other smaller voice is saying, well, maybe I could be a runner, you never know. During the last interval of running I let that smaller voice win out and just went all out. I loved the feeling of pushing off with more force with each step, not holding back trying to conserve, but really running- knees high and just going all out. That was awesome.

Mike and I did an extended cool down and did an extra lap at the park. I still had the weird feeling in my shins- its like they forget how to work the full range of motion but once I stretch them out everything is okay. The only part that kinda bothered me was a weird feeling behind my left knee cap. It feels like an air bubble that needs to pop. Unfortunately that has stayed with me, has also made walking up hills and stairs a challenge.

So, today is a complete rest day. My things are sore, my hips are tight and theres another run scheduled for tomorrow. I'm laughing at myself because I am looking forward to the challenge- I want to do this (even if it means some discomfort along the way).

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