Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Gold Star Day

I totally earned that gold star today! Today is the first day of week 9- the last scheduled week of the Couch to 5K running program. In the 10 weeks that I've been running, I have only missed one scheduled run and that was because I was sick and dizzy and could barely walk. I have run in rain, run in the cold, run with a cold, run with an aching tooth, run right after having my wisdom teeth taken out ... but today was the hardest run. I had to run in the heat and humidity. The actual run part was fine. I had no problems with running for 30 min- (am up to just over 2 miles but not quite 2.5) I had issues with the heat! They were calling for an evening storm so the humidity just skyrocketed from there! YUCK! I'd rather run in the cold and rain ANY day! I may have to switch up my runs to the morning once summer kicks in full force. (yuck! I hate getting up early- but I think my hatred of running in hot is greater)

Only 11 more days to go until my 5K race. I'm really curious to see how I'll do on a relatively flat track and going for the full 3 miles!

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