Sunday, June 28, 2009

New Balance Baltimore Women's Classic 5K

From June 2009
Just got done with the run this morning. The run went really well despite the fact that my garmin decided to freeze up on me and not work at all! How sad! I also managed to miss the first water station and with the heat- I really could have used it! I was also surprised to see that the hill that was on the course didn't bother me as much as it could have- Thank you hills around my parents' house! I also managed to do a headstand over looking the harbor ;) too bad I didn't have my camera to capture it!

Did I mention that I managed a NEW personal best!!! I managed to shave almost 2 min off from the last 5K!!! And... if you compare this run to my first 5K from last year... WOW!

Jun 08 41:24 min (13:06 min/mile pace)
Mar 08 36:36 min (11:21 min/mile pace)
May 08 36:43 min (11:41 min/mile pace)
Jun 09 33:56 min (10:57 min/mile pace)

I'm so happy, no ecstatic that I've improved so much in just one year! Its also giving me more fuel for really getting behind training for a half marathon this fall! I know I can do it! Especially when I've seen just how far I've come in just one year! I'm still not sure if a full marathon will be in my future, but I do know that there will be at least one half!

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